Zeus Quest

Zeus Quest 1.4

Point-and-click fun in ancient Greece


  • Impressive cartoon graphics
  • Lots of levels to explore
  • Wacky and hilarious dialog
  • Challenging puzzles


  • Demo is very limited


If you're a fan of point-and-click adventure classics such as Day of the Tentacle or Monkey Island, then fire up Zeus Quest on your Blackberry and get ready for some fun.

Zeus Quest is set in ancient Greece, where you play Zeus, the boss of Olympus. You mission is somewhat of a mystery but it's something to do with a spacecraft crashing into the sea around 1000 BC. In fact, you start completely unaware of anything other than the fact you're on a beach with two sunbathers and a goat.

Even the game controls aren't explained to you, but you soon figure out that Zeus Quest plays in much the same way as those Lucas Arts classics. You just click on the eye icon next to an object to view it, or the hand option to talk to or perform an action on an object. There's a small, yet well-labeled menu at the foot of the screen which houses an inventory of objects that you can pick up and use to solve puzzles or unlock mysteries.

Zeus Quest is a very well presented game, with colorful backgrounds, detailed cartoon characters, and clearly-displayed text. The music is pretty good too.

However, it's the gameplay where Zeus Quest really comes into its own. Some of the puzzles are devilishly difficult, the dialogs are detailed and often hilarious, and you get to explore a huge game world spread across the Aegean islands. It's just a shame this demo version is so limited.

Zeus Quest is one of the most fun mobile adventure games we've seen in a while, and has all the makings of a Greek legend.

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Zeus Quest


Zeus Quest 1.4

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