vTap BlackBerry 0.16

Search for and play online video


  • Very powerful search
  • Slick player
  • Thumbnail video previews


  • Doesn't support all online video sites


vTap allows you to search for and watch video clips on your BlackBerry device.

vTap is designed to make it even easier to watch your favourite clips, allowing you to search, list and play video from a wide range of sources across the Internet.

Specifically, vTap can search for videos on YouTube, Dailymotion, Metacafe or Myspace, providing you with a preview all results in miniature, and enabling direct access to the categories of these websites, before displaying all the videos within the user environment.

The program, which delivers very quick search results (depending on your connection, of course), can also be used to search Wikipedia entries, making it an indispensable tool for film and TV buffs.

While the range of video sites it references isn't complete as yet, vTap offers an effective way of searching and viewing moving pictures on your phone.

vTap is a quick and easy web video service that lets you search, browse and pinpoint the exact web video you’re looking for from sources all over the Internet and play it on your mobile device. Veveo’s specialized web crawlers are focused on video, resulting in a web video index that is one of the deepest and fastest growing in the web today, providing an abundance of web videos at the fingertips of consumers.

vTap’s highly-advanced, proprietary algorithms take it from there, pulling and arranging results so you can quickly view and select the one you want. With vTap’s unique character-based incremental search, where results are returned with every character entered. You can perform searches using just a few characters instead of whole keywords.



vTap BlackBerry 0.16

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