Vlingo for BlackBerry 4.11.0

Command your BlackBerry using your voice!


  • Simple and effective
  • SafeReader feature


  • Speech recognition isn't perfect

Very good

Vlingo allows you to control your phone using only your voice. You can the app to call, send SMS and emails, and even perform Google searches, simply by speaking into it.

Using Vlingo couldn't be simpler. You just touch click a button and speak your command. The program comes with a guide of the kind of things you can say. For instance, you can say "Call" then speak the name of the contact, use the word "Find" to look something up on Google, and even enter text into BlackBerry Messenger.

The speech recognition in Vlingo is pretty good, and it managed to pick up most of what we said during our tests. It doesn't matter too much if the matching isn't perfect because you are able to edit dictated messages before sending them.

There's also a SafeReader tool in Vlingo, which will speak SMS and email messages to you. These kind of tools help to make Vlingo a useful program for people with sight or motor impairments, making the phone much more accessible to them.

Vlingo is an impressive app, and with a few more features bit more fine-tuning from the developer, it could become an essential accessibility tool for your BlackBerry.



Vlingo for BlackBerry 4.11.0

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