Vista Ultimate Theme

Vista Ultimate Theme

Install Vista on your BlackBerry - sort of


  • Stylish background wallpaper
  • Nice media menu skin


  • Badly-drawn icons

Not bad

The Vista Ultimate Theme allows you to make it look like your BlackBerry is running Windows.

The skin adds a new background wallpaper featuring the stylish black, blue and green signature image of Vista.

Besides altering the background wallpaper, Vista Ultimate Theme also alters the shortcut menu buttons on your home screen. It's a nice idea, but unfortunately the new icons are a little rough around the edges, and don't have the polished, smooth outline of their Vista counterparts.

One other neat change within Vista Ultimate Theme is the addition of a restyled Media menu, adding a fresh look inspired by the Windows Media Center.

Vista Ultimate Theme offers a nice Vista-style background but is let down a bit by some shoddy icon design.

Vista Ultimate Theme


Vista Ultimate Theme

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