Treasure Reef

Treasure Reef (BB) 1.00

Dive for pearls in this amusing game


  • Retro feel
  • Colorful graphics
  • Two diving modes


  • No skill in steering the boat
  • Gets a bit repetitive


If you've always dreamed of becoming the next Jacques Costeau but don't live anywhere near the sea then get hold of Treasure Reef and take to the depths.

Treasure Reef is a fun adventure in which you play the part of a diver searching for pearls under the sea. The story revolves around a pirate ship that sunk spilling its bounty of ten giant pearls. Plus there's the rumor of a mystery treasure.

You must first direct a speedboat over the ocean steering between rocks and islands to find good diving spots. There is not actually much skill involved in this. Just drive around a bit and wait for the screen to freeze and darken. This means you're over a pearl. Then the game switches to diving mode.

Before you play you can choose between two methods of diving, straight down or four way swimming. The pearl lies underneath you and, armed with a gun you must fish it from the bottom. When sharks appear just shoot them - they don't die, so it's very fish friendly.

Treasure Reef is good fun for a while, although it quickly becomes repetitive.

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Treasure Reef


Treasure Reef (BB) 1.00

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