trackIT: TimeZone Edition

trackIT: TimeZone Edition Lite 2.2.1

Powerful World time clock and calculator


  • View up to six time zones in one window
  • Highly customizable interface
  • Event planner


  • No alarm functionality

Very good

Don't you hate it when you make a business call to someone in another country only to realize you've got them out of bed because you forgot it was 3 in the morning over there? For the benefit of clients, friends or family abroad installing trackIT: TimeZone Edition might be a good idea.

trackIT: TimeZone Edition is a powerful World clock application for your Blackberry. The program allows you to set the local time based on where you are on the planet then display the time in up to six different cities, within the same window. There are more than 500 locations to choose from.

Besides being able to simply display the current time in multiple cities, trackIT: TimeZone Edition boasts a neat calculator feature whereby you can enter a date and time in your one location and find out exactly what the date and time will be in another place at the same time. There's also a rudimentary meeting planner to help you co-ordinate events and appointments in different places around the globe.

Another great thing about trackIT: TimeZone Edition is that it is highly customizable. You can tweak all manner of display settings, such as the clock type (i.e. analog or digital), background color, screensaver, fonts, etc. In fact the only thing trackIT: TimeZone Edition really lacks is the ability to set up alarms.

If you want to keep track of time everywhere around the World then trackIT: TimeZone Edition represents a clear and easy way if displaying this information.

trackIT: TimeZone Edition


trackIT: TimeZone Edition Lite 2.2.1

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