SplashMoney (BB) 4.1

Organize your finances on the move


  • Easily sync between PC and Pocket PC versions
  • Support for connecting with your account online
  • Highly customizable


  • No non-US banks supported for Direct Connect

Very good

Let's face it, managing your personal finances isn't really something you look forward to spending your weekends doing. With today's home accounting software it's much less painless than it was, and thanks to SplashMoney, you can control your money while you're sat on the bus, using your BlackBerry.

SplashMoney comes in two different version: one for your BlackBerry and one for your PC desktop, both included in this download. The desktop edition is powerful enough to be used on its own as an alternative to Microsoft Money or Quicken. Including all the usual features (budgeting, cards, multiple accounts, recurring transactions etc), SplashMoney makes it easy for you to take control of your home finances and can even help you with producing reports of transactions over a given period.

SplashMoney's main feature is, of course, its mobile functionality. Being able to keep track of purchases, payments, checks and bills while on the move makes the program so much more useful than its competitors.

If you're using a PDA with wireless capability, you can even let SplashMoney access your online banking service via the Direct Connect service. This feature in particular makes it unbelievably easy to stay up to date with account changes, but unfortunately will only work with selected North American banks.

What's more, there are loads of nice extra touches included in SplashMoney, such as the ability to customize account icons, and to choose from one of eight default currencies to work with.

If you're looking for a comprehensive money manager for your BlackBerry, you'll struggle to find anything stronger than SplashMoney.



SplashMoney (BB) 4.1

User reviews about SplashMoney

  • by Anonymous

    Good Financial Software.
    Really like the different ways you can customize this program.
    Cons: wish could ha...   More

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