SlovoEd for Blackberry

SlovoEd for Blackberry 1.0.0

Five European dictionaries


  • Five European dictionaries
  • Tips on using words in context


  • You need to know German

Very good

Language lovers and all of you looking to holiday in Europe might be glad to know about perhaps the best travel companion anyone could ever have. SlovoEd contains five dictionaries. However there is a catch. You will need to be able to speak German first. If you can then this pack comes with dictionaries translated into English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Italian. That's a lot of words! In fact it's more than 320,000.

The software is simple to use, just scroll through the entries flicking between conjugations and grammatical inflections and get help on how to use the new words in their correct context. There is also a great 'recently viewed' function for your last 20 entries. And for those of you wanting a little more, there's a whole section dedicated to the history of each language.

Pack of German Dictionaries: is one of best-selling collection of translation dictionaries for BlackBerry containing the high-quality dictionary databases from the world's leading linguistic companies and working under the powerful SlovoEd engine from the undisputed leader on mobile software market.

Work, travel, study and do your business with a reliable dictionary in your pocket from the most distinguished language reference publishers. Most dictionaries for Blackberry contain detailed information such as transcription, usage notes, grammatical information and a lot of examples to satisfy all you needs. You will find needed information 100 times faster than using a simple paper dictionary!

Features include:

  • The built-in morphology function will help you to find translation even if the search words appear in different grammatical forms. (For example, if you use plural nouns and adjectives, different verb forms and so on). SlovoEd will find Base forms of the word in this case. So the Morphology Module will be useful for that user who has just begun learning language
  • High retrieval rate
  • SlovoEd provides you with search method such as Search history (quick access to last words you searched). SlovoEd keeps last 20 words, so you will easily find any word from the History at any time
  • Convenient, friendly, specially designed for BlackBerry dictionary user interface. Optional letter size is developed to set customer interface in accordance with your taste
  • Interface is available on 6 European languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Russian
  • Cross-lookup feature between different related articles
  • SlovoEd provides you with option such as Variants of the word. Choosing this option you are able to receive the nearest words to the translated word according to alphabet. It will help you when you don't exactly know how to spell the word you want to find.
  • Right sorting order for different languages according to its alphabet
  • Convenient visual layout and multicolor formatting of word entries
  • Full-screen mode to show translations
  • Possibility to install several language packs on your BlackBerry device at the same time

SlovoEd for Blackberry


SlovoEd for Blackberry 1.0.0

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