Running Ninja

Running Ninja Free

Put a ninja through his paces in this endless running game


  • Fast and frenetic gameplay
  • Cute graphics
  • Simple to play


  • Soon gets monotonous
  • Annoying music

Not bad

Running Ninja is a free BlackBerry game that casts you as a ninja, whose objective is to run as far as possible.

Set in an urban location, as soon as you start Running Ninja, the little guy will start running, getting faster and faster all the time. You need to press the keys to jump between buildings and to avoid objects, such as boxes and ninja stars.

The further you get into the action in Running Ninja, the faster and more frenetic things get, and you'll need to time your jumps perfectly in order to keep going. If you bump into something or fall down a gap the game finishes and the distance you ran is displayed on screen. The idea of Running Ninja is that you're constantly striving to break your record distance.

The cartoon graphics in Running Ninja are good fun, though the looped in-game rock music soundtrack gets annoying very quickly.

Running Ninja is a fun game to kill a few minutes, but it soon gets repetitive and monotonous.

Running Ninja


Running Ninja Free

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