RobLock (BB) 1.3

Recover your phone if it gets stolen


  • Simple to set up
  • Enables remote access to contacts
  • Lets you delete personal data remotely


  • Won't retrieve photos or videos

Very good

Getting anything stolen is not a pleasant experience, but when it's your phone the theft can be costly not just in terms of the device itself, but also the information stored on it.

Imagine there was a way of not only finding out who's got your phone, but also being able to access your personal data stored on it remotely. Imagine no longer because RobLock is here to save the day.

This smart application sends an alert to a 'trusted' number (i.e. a phone belonging to a friend or family member) to let you know when the thief changes the SIM card (without the new user noticing). The program can then retrieve the new SIM card data allowing you to identify the new user.

What's more, you can remotely access your stolen phone by sending messages to it from another phone with certain codes. For instance, using the code 'RB+ contacts' you'll be able to access your phone's contacts and transfer them to the new device.

There are also codes you can use to delete certain information from your mobile, such as photos, videos or emails to prevent the robber from accessing these. Unfortunately, RoBlock doesn't allow you to recover this data to another phone though.

The app is pretty simple to set up and once it's been enabled using the check box you won't even notice it. Luckily, if you have a tendency to switch your SIM card a lot there's an option to authorize multiple SIMs, meaning that your pal doesn't keep getting emails saying your phone has been taken when it hasn't.

Although it won't actually tell you the precise location of your phone, RobLock provides a reliable way of protecting your phone's data if it gets stolen.

RobLock provides protection and safety from theft or losing your device and helps to retrieve it back. Now Blackberry users can forget the fear of losing their device by protecting it using RobLock software. Features of this application include:

  • SMS notification on SIM change to predefined number
  • Recover contacts from lost phone
  • Remote wipe memory card
  • Delete contacts, SMS, email, photos and videos on lost device
  • Uninstall protection
  • Auto hides on unauthorized SIM insertion
  • Complete stealth operations
  • Unlimited SIM card support
  • Tiny installation footprint
  • Easy configuration



RobLock (BB) 1.3

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