Reversi Free 1.0.0

Classic board game fun on your BlackBerry


  • Smart graphics
  • For one or two players
  • Five difficulty settings
  • Animated pieces


  • No instructions
  • Computer opponent very tough to beat
  • You can't customize the board

Not bad

Reversi Free is a mobile version of the classic board game, also known as Othello. It can be played against the computer or a human opponent.

If you're a fan of Reversi then you'll love this smart, no-fuss BlackBerry version. Starting a game is quick and simple. Just pick whether you want to play the computer or a friend, choose a difficulty level and decide who goes first. You can enable or disable animated chips and possible move hints.

If you've never played the game before then this version of Reversi might not be a good place to start. There are no instructions in the game, and the computer opponent is tough to beat, even on the easiest setting.

Graphically, Reversi Free is very tidy, featuring an elegant game board and animated pieces. Unfortunately there is no way to customize the board or the chips.

Offering no-nonsense Othello fun, Reversi Free will appeal to fans of this famous table game.



Reversi Free 1.0.0

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