PubCheckers 1.0.5

Play checkers on your BlackBerry


  • Neat graphics
  • Simple controls
  • Easy-to-read help section


  • Just one difficulty level
  • Not customizable


Of all the games to play in the pub, checkers is one of my favorites. If it's one of yours too then check out PubCheckers.

This simulation of the popular game allows you to play against your device, or against a human opponent. PubCheckers is very well presented, from the polished look of the pieces and the board to the barroom-themed pictures in the background.

The game itself is a straightforward version of the classic checkers. You move your pieces simply by highlighting one then clicking the square you'd like to move to. The animation of the pieces as they move is very well executed, by the way.

One the downside, PubCheckers is lacking somewhat in terms of its options. There is only one game mode and one difficulty level to choose from. What's more, there are no board customization settings so you can't change the background image, playing piece design, etc.

All in all though, PubCheckers is a simple and well-presented version of a classic strategy game.



PubCheckers 1.0.5

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