Paper Airplane

Paper Airplane 1.0.4

Keep your paper plane soaring


  • Simple controls
  • Fun gameplay


  • Poor graphics
  • Lacks options

Not bad

One of the best ways to kill boredom is obviously to make a paper airplane and start chucking it about. But what happens if there's no paper around? Well then you simply install Paper Airplane on your BlackBerry.

This addictive game charges you with the task of keeping a paper plane in the air for as long as possible. Not only must you prevent the craft from hitting the floor or the roof, but you also need to steer it between obstacles. The longer you keep going for, the more points you rack up.

Control of the paper airplane is done by repeatedly pressing the Enter key to gain lift or letting it go to allow the plane to float to the floor. It might sound simple, but it takes a long time to really master the game, and practicing does tend to get a bit addictive. Unfortunately, this demo version of Paper Airplane only lets you get as far as the 1,000 points barrier, which won't take you long.

Paper Airplane is not only simple in concept, but also in form. The graphics look like they were made 20 years ago by a 14 year-old boy programming his first BASIC game. There are no customization options, and no high scores table.

Paper Airplane will keep you amused for a short bus trip, but won't get you far on a long-haul flight.

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Paper Airplane


Paper Airplane 1.0.4

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