Pacman BlackBerry 4.0

The pill-popping blob comes to BlackBerry


  • Very faithful to the original
  • Mind-numbingly addictive


  • Nothing new


This version of Pacman for BlackBerry is very faithful to the arcade classic, so it's sure to please fans of the original.

As always, the object is to steer Pacman around the maze, eating the pills and avoiding the evil pixelated spirits. Collect one of the large flashing pills and the ghosts will flash for a few seconds, allowing you to eat them and biding you precious time to collect pills without being disturbed. You get three lives with which to score as many points as you can in order to get onto the high scores table.

In terms of its graphics, this version of Pacman sticks to the same sprites and backgrounds as the original, so don't expect anything too flash. Likewise, there aren't any new game modes or new content to enjoy.

If you're a fan of Pacman then this BlackBerry version is one to treasure - just don't expect anything you haven't seen before.

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Pacman BlackBerry 4.0

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