MyAlarm 2007.10.04

Intelligent alarm system for BlackBerry phones


  • Configure up to six separate alarms
  • Simple to set up
  • Choose audio files as alert tones
  • Layout switcher


  • Only one bundled tone

Very good

MyAlarm is an excellent alarm system for BlackBerry devices. It combines a simple-to-use interface with some truly useful functionality.

Unlike the default alarm on many BlackBerry phones, MyAlarm allows you to configure multiple alerts, so you can have different alarms set up at the same time.

The MyAlarm interface is organized into a series of tabs, which represent different alarms, and there are six available at any one time. For each alarm you can set a message, select the time and day(s) of the week you want it to go off, and choose an alert tone.

Unfortunately, MyAlarm only comes with one beeping tone of its own, but this can be customized by altering the frequency (in Hertz) and duration (in milliseconds). You can also choose to play an audio file from your device as the alarm, if you prefer.

The snooze time in MyAlarm can be set to one, five or ten minutes. Among other options are the ability to enter a random code to disable the alarm, and adjustable screen layout.

If you're looking for a reliable multi-alarm system for your phone, MyAlarm makes for a free and easy solution.



MyAlarm 2007.10.04

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