Mac Wallpaper

Mac Wallpaper

Display the shiny Mac logo on your Blackberry


  • A beautiful logo on your phone


  • Not as good as the retro one

Not bad

The Apple logo is perhaps one of the most iconic in the world right now, and whoever designed it must have a permanent smirk on their face, especially given that they were the first to take the gamble of not including the company name on a logo. Fans of the Mac - in fact anyone who appreciates good design - can now pay homage to the fruity motif on their Blackberry home screen.

Personally I prefer the original multi-coloured design, but this modern one is still pretty slick. The wallpaper comes in jpeg format and is optimised for a screen at 240x160.

The, now well-known, American company Apple was the first computer firm not to use its name as its corporate identity. The idea of selling a computer under the name and image of a fruit was conceived by Californian Steve Jobs and his colleagues (even the word "Macintosh" is the name of an apple variety).

The motif of a multicolored apple with a bite taken out of it is a reference to the Bible story of Adam and Eve, in which the apple represents the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. This wallpaper for Blackberry devices features the latest logo in all its glory.


Mac Wallpaper


Mac Wallpaper

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