iPhoneishStorm Theme

iPhoneishStorm Theme

An iPhone on your Storm - sort of


  • Realistic Apple icons
  • Cool iPhone-style menu background


  • Weird wooden home screen background


iPhoneishStorm Theme is a skin for your BlackBerry Storm that gives it a passing resemblance to Apple's legendary mobile device.

If you've grown bored of your Storm and are wishing you'd bought an iPhone instead then fear not because help is at hand through the iPhoneishStorm Theme.

iPhoneishStorm Theme completely overhauls your home screen, adding a series of iPhone-style icons, as well as a dock at the bottom of the screen. Behind the icons is a wooden background with shelves on it. Quite where the idea for this came from is anyone's guess.

Go into the Applications menu and you'll notice that iPhoneishStorm Theme becomes even more like the iPhone. The grassy background image, realistic Apple-style icons and black borders are enough for you to confuse and impress people by making them think you've got the iPhone OS running on your BlackBerry.

iPhoneishStorm Theme is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to own a Storm and an iPhone but can't afford both!

iPhoneishStorm Theme


iPhoneishStorm Theme

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