iotum Talk-Now

iotum Talk-Now 0.3.3017

Global presence application for mobile professionals

If you are on the road, more than in the office, then iotum will be the most valuable tool in your communications arsenal. If you are like most mobile professionals you receive a call on your cell phone or Blackberry as often as every three minutes. And when you are not receiving a call it is you unsuccessfully trying to call someone back. It makes getting anything else accomplished nearly impossible.

iotum puts an end to this communications gridlock by empowering relevant conversations. Your time is at a premium so iotum ensures that none of it is wasted playing phone tag or used up by annoying, irrelevant interruptions.

iotum works directly with the contact list within your Blackberry to put an end to telephone tag. Talk-Now allows you to broadcast your presence status to the contacts you want to have this information. It also lets you know the status of your contacts. You will never have to call someone to find out if they have time to talk. You’ll know before the call is placed.

With iotum Talk Now, if you are in the middle of a presentation, your contacts will know that it is not a good time to try to reach you. You’ll have fewer interruptions, less voicemails to return and more conversations when you have time to talk.

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iotum Talk-Now


iotum Talk-Now 0.3.3017

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