Fruitaholic 1.0

Feed the vegetarian cannibal!


  • Challenging gameplay
  • Three game modes
  • Fun graphics and sound


  • Gets quite repetitive


Fruitaholic is a puzzle game which tests your reflexes and your powers of pattern matching.

The game stars a cannibal who is, oddly, addicted to fruit. The object of Fruitaholic is to feed the cannibal by managing the two cauldrons of fruit. You need to move the fruits around so that the lines match between both cauldrons. When a line or lines of fruit is made, the cannibal will eat them and you'll be given points as a reward. More fruits will then appear and the process starts over.

There are lots of different things to be aware of in Fruitaholic. For instance, new fruits will drop from the top of the cauldrons and you need to get rid of these before they fill up or it'll be game over. Also, there are special objects in Fruitaholic such as gems, beer and rocks that react in a particular way when added to a line.

There are three different game modes available in Fruitaholic - Easy, Hard and Turn-based. The latter of these requires you to play each cauldron in turn, only when the green light is on, which makes for quite a challenge.

The graphics and sound in Fruitaholic are fun and cartoony, but sadly there is no variety in the scenery, and the whole game is played within the same environment. This is a shame because with such a repetitive game as Fruitaholic, it's good to introduce a change of scenery once in a while.

However, If you like games like Tetris, Bejeweled, or Columns, then Fruitaholic is well worth checking out.

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Fruitaholic 1.0

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