FIFA 12 2.0

The official soccer game


  • Good gameplay
  • Official teams


  • Not much different from older versions
  • AI needs improvement


FIFA 12 is a demo of the full version of the sports game.

The game offers a sample of the full game which has different game modes and officially licensed teams. Including over 250 teams and game modes like exhibition, tournaments, and league matches, it is possible to experience the career of a player or just play a quick match.

The controls use a virtual pad, giving you control over your players. You can also configure your teams before heading to the field which is required against the AI of FIFA 12. Even though the game does not use the same high quality graphics that other devices use, FIFA 12 offers a realistic soccer experience.

There are some issues with FIFA 12, like the controls do not have perfect control and the AI is a little rough, but it is the best representation of soccer on Blackberry.

FIFA 12 is great for soccer fans.



FIFA 12 2.0

User reviews about FIFA 12

  • by Anonymous

    It is amazing game and everyone likes this game.
    It is a fabulous game and it's graphics are so good.It has ever...   More

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