Candy Pop

Candy Pop 2.2

Free Candy Crush-style game for BlackBerry

Candy Pop is a free Candy Crush-style game for BlackBerry.

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  • Simple to play
  • Two game modes
  • Three difficulty levels


  • Drab graphics
  • Annoying sound effects
  • No options for sharing scores to play against friends

Not bad

Candy Pop is a free Candy Crush-style game for BlackBerry.

A familiar format

In Candy Pop you need to eliminate the maximum possible candies from the board as possible. You do this by finding groups of two or more adjacent candies and clicking on them. Points are awarded based on the number of candies you clear at once. There are two game modes in Candy Pop: Classic and Timer, and three difficulty settings.

The gameplay in Candy Pop is pretty basic and there are no options to share scores with your friends on social networks.

How to play Candy Pop

The controls in Candy Pop aren't difficult to grasp. The game supports both touchscreen and directional button/keypad. You just need to select which candy you want to move to highlight it, then tap where you want to move it to. The candies will switch and all adjoining candies of the same type will disappear.

Not-so sweet graphics

Graphically, Candy Pop is poor, and aren't a patch on the slick, shiny looks of Candy Crush Saga. There's hardly any variation between candy types, colors are dull, and the animation is sub-par.

The verdict

Candy Pop is a poor man's copy of Candy Crush Saga, which lacks all the charm and personality of the original.

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Candy Pop


Candy Pop 2.2

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