Butterflies 2 Theme

Butterflies 2 Theme

Cosmic theme to light up your BlackBerry


  • Splendid background image
  • Cool dock effect on Today screen


  • Application icons are a bit vague


Butterflies 2 Theme is a free skin for your device, that makes wide-ranging changes to the BlackBerry user interface.

If you're into cosmic butterflies (and, let's face it, who isn't?) then you should definitely check out the Butterflies 2 Theme. The most immediately obvious update is the addition of a gorgeous new background wallpaper, consisting of an image of glowing flowers and butterflies, against a black backdrop.

Equally impressive in the Butterflies 2 Theme is the addition of a 'dock' at the bottom of the Today screen, which houses the shortcuts to your frequently-used items. The best thing about this is the bouncing effect that is applied to each icon when you highlight it.

Other changes made to your interface by Butterflies 2 Theme is a fancy new menu font, and a new set of application icons. These icons are smart enough, but I felt they weren't bright enough and some of the images on them were a little vague.

That said, Butterflies 2 Theme is a great way to add a fantastical touch to your BlackBerry.

Butterflies 2 Theme


Butterflies 2 Theme

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