Bubble Fusion

Bubble Fusion 1.0.0

Immerse yourself in this bubble puzzle


  • Nice graphics
  • Innovative game controls
  • Auto-save
  • High scores league


  • Quite repetitive

Very good

A few months ago I went to visit some showcaves in England and ended up spending more time firing a cannon at little children than looking around the caves. Don't worry, it wasn't a real cannon and the balls were only plastic, but it really whetted my appetite for anything to do with cannons and balls (apart from Cannon and Ball, the 80s 'comedy' double act who I still hate). Bubble Fusion marries the two almost pefectly, charging you with the task of destroying coloured balls or bubbles using a cannon.

Breathing new life into an old classic, the game requires you to fire balls up to the top of the screen and when a matching line of colours is made, the corresponding balls are removed from the pack. Once the screen is cleared you move onto the next level.

The multi-coloured graphics are beautiful, but it's the gameplay that really got me hooked on Bubble Fusion. Controlling the action using the Tumbwheel works suprisingly well and there are lots of elements that contribute to the game's addictiveness, from a sensational combo syystem to special powered blocks that can make or break your game.

The game also includes a high scores table and auto-save, adding to the long term appeal and making it totally bubblicious.

Bubble Fusion is a shooting game for BlackBerry. Your task it to aim the cannon and shoot bubbles in order to blow them up. The more bubbles you blow up, the more points you score - it's as simple as that.

Features of the game:

  • Beautiful graphics
  • A combo system
  • Special blocks that will help or hinder you
  • High-score table
  • An automatic save system so you can continue whenever you want
  • Intuitive controls that make use of the BlackBerry Thumbwheel

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Bubble Fusion


Bubble Fusion 1.0.0

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