Bookworm 2.0

Solve puzzles to keep the worm happy


  • Neat graphics
  • Challenging puzzles


  • Quite boring if you can't spell
  • Becomes very repetitive

Not bad

I found two caterpillars in my salad yesterday, so at the moment little grubs aren't my favorite creatures.

As a result, I was not looking forward to playing a game where I had to help out a worm. However, I love word games, which made the prospect of trying out this part-crossword, part-word jumbler, part puzzler a little more appetizing.

Bookworm sees you assume the role of a librarian who must keep the Lex the worm fed with words. The bookworm eats the words you find and you're points total goes up. The longer the word, the more points you get.

It's a simple concept which proves mightily addictive. The challenge of the game is to join as many words as possible before the tiles fall down and the whole board goes up in flames.

Bookworm is great fun for a while but its longevity is hampered by the fact that there is little variety in the game as you progress.



Bookworm 2.0

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