BlackBerry Theme Studio

BlackBerry Theme Studio SP 1 5.0

Make your own BlackBerry themes


  • Includes theme editor and design tool
  • No programming required
  • Lets you tweak lots of properties
  • Preview directly on your device


  • Clunky user interface

Very good

BlackBerry Theme Studio allows you to design and make your own themes for your BlackBerry.

There are two separate applications included in BlackBerry Theme Studio. The first, Composer, is a complex editor for creating interactive, animated graphics for your display. The second, Theme Builder, lets you make themes by customizing elements of the BlackBerry user interface.

BlackBerry Composer is the more creative of the two apps in BlackBerry Theme Studio. It allows you to design and output images, menu icons, bars, banners, etc. then export them for use in BlackBerry Theme Builder. This app can be pretty complicated if you're new to the world of graphic design. But if you've used software like Photoshop or Flash before, you should pick it up fairly quickly.

Theme Builder is easier to use, and allows you to tweak virtually every aspect of the BlackBerry's appearance that you can think of. You can apply background wallpapers, alter font sizes, change icons, tweak colors and much more. Once you're finished, BlackBerry Theme Studio can export your theme to your device, publish for Desktop Manager, or publish on the web.

BlackBerry Theme Studio allows you to preview your themes before you save them, either on a BlackBerry simulator, or on the device itself.

You'll need patience to learn how to use BlackBerry Theme Studio, but once you've mastered it you're imagination is your only limit!

BlackBerry Theme Studio


BlackBerry Theme Studio SP 1 5.0

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