BenchmarkMagic 1.6

Diagnose the power of your Blackberry


  • Performs diagnostic test automatically
  • Results displayed very clearly


  • Accuracy of the results may be questionable


Whether you want to show off the power of your Blackberry to your pals or decide if it's time to upgrade your device BenchmarkMagic can help you out no end.

The free program allows you to check whether your phone is still top of the tree or if it should be consigned to the scraphead.

Once installed, the software automatically performs the diagnosis of the operating speed of your mobile phone.

The results are displayed in a very clear manner, comparing these with the values of other Blackberrys to give you an impression of how yours matches up.

BenchmarkMagic gives you the relative performance of your BlackBerry to other models. As a result you can test how quickly your device is working and work out whether maybe it's time for an upgrade or not.



BenchmarkMagic 1.6

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