Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball 1.03

Get your swimsuit on for some volleyball fun


  • Great graphics
  • Realistic sound effects


  • Difficult to get into
  • Limited demo


Fancy some fun in the sun? Then get down the beach for a little game of volleyball. This is a limited download as you only get to battle out one point at a time but it gives you an idea of what to expect in the real version.

You can play as girl or boy on the white sand with palm trees either side and the sea just a tiptoe away. The graphics are very good for a mobile game and the babes and hunks are realistic and animate nicely. The sound effects are pretty decent too - there's lots of grunting when you play the ball, and you can hear the waves lapping the shore in the background.

In terms of gameplay, Beach Volleyball is a bit tricky to get into. I found it hard to judge where the ball is going due to the way perspective is represented and it took a while to score my first point. This was made more annoying by the fact that this demo only allows you to play one point per game. The difficulty issue is resolved somewhat by an 'auto-hit' mode where your character automatically thwacks the ball when you're near it.

There are three modes of difficulty in the game, as well as a high scores table, so there's certainly plenty of life in this one once you've mastered how to play it.

Overall though, this beach volleyball game provides a great way to inject some sunshine into your life on a drab day.

Beach Volleyball


Beach Volleyball 1.03

User reviews about Beach Volleyball

  • by Anonymous

    Beach VB ROCKS!!! .
    I love this game! When I had to buy a new BB Curve the 1st app I had to get loaded was Beach...   More

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