BBNotePad 1.1.3

Free notepad application for BlackBerry


  • Easy to use
  • Spell check
  • Text search


  • Low on formatting features


BBNotePad is a free text editor for that is a bit more powerful than the MemoPad app that comes built into the BlackBerry operating system.

Some of the best ideas come when we're out and about. Instead of scrambling for a pen and paper to write your thoughts down, you could use BBNotePad instead.

BBNotePad makes the note-taking process very quick and easy, allowing you to choose between SureType and Multitap input systems. The app can export your notes as memos or as documents in TXT format, that can then be read on any computer.

BBNotepad includes some handy editing features, including a reliable spell check and a handy text search facility. The major difference between BBNotePad and MemoPad is in the customizable settings, of which BBNotepad has many. You can alter the font size, set notes as read only, and change the reading and writing format.

BBNotePad lets you save notes either to your BlackBerry's internal storage, or to your SD card. So, it's perfect for making notes to be read on your computer, or for exchanging memos with other BlackBerry users.

It's a shame there aren't a few more formatting options, but as a slimline text editor, BBNotePad makes for a more powerful alternative to MemoPad.

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BBNotePad 1.1.3

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