Agendus (BB) 2.01

Manage your life more effictively


  • Lots of productivity apps in one
  • Easy synchronization with Windows
  • Simple-to-manage user interface


  • It's not a leggy blond

Very good

When I was younger (in fact, it still applies now) I always wanted to have James Bond's Miss Moneypenny as my secretary. As I grow older, I realise this is becoming less and less likely to happen. However, I've just stumbled across a mobile app that will give me almost the next best thing.

Agendus is an excellent personal information manager designed to make you more you a more productive human being through your BlackBerry. The application combines the different standard applications such as address book, notepad, tasks and email, and supports data synchronization with your desktop.

It's incredible to be able to manage and access so much information from one place, and it's even better than the built-in productivity tools in the BlackBerry OS. The program centralizes a huge range of tasks, including managing contacts, appointments, tasks, notes, SMS and emails.

There's a whole bunch of stuff you can do with this information using Agendus, such as displaying data in daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly views, grouping, editing and deleting. A powerful built-in full-text search ensures that whatever you need is always close at hand. Everything is very simple to synchronize too, using BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

Thanks to an intuitive centralized interface and some slick integration with Outlook, this really is a product you can't afford to be without if you have a busy personal or professional life.

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Agendus (BB) 2.01

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